Final Film (with updated soundtrack)

This is the updated film with a new soundtrack. We have also redone the scene with the flash at the end to reduce the camera shake. The last scene with the closing eyes has also been shortened.


Evaluation Question 4

The best fitted audience that I found was the “DIYers”. They would fit the bill because our movie will be very gripping but at the same time will have some special effects to keep there computer side at rest. They also love a good movie which, of course ours will be.

They like:

  • Technology
  • Computers
  • Writing lyrics
  • Editing movies
  • Making animations

The type of music that they listen to is US Hiphop from artists such as Nas, Dr. Dre and Biggie. Or they listen to Dubstep from artists like Skream.

There Icons are:

  • Skream
  • Dizzee Rascal
  • Benga
  • Wiley
  • Jay-Z
  • J Dilla

Brands and Media consumption:

The clothes that the DIYers wear are “Nike Air Force Ones, hooded tops and New Era caps, Akademiks, Ecko, plus brands few people have heard of like basketball label And1. The Mic Massive are moving away from the idea of being drenched in labels, in exchange for a less branded look.”

Our perfect audience member could look like this as our target audience is girls between the age of 15-20 so they will still be in school. Since they are attending school they can relate to our film as Mary is in school as well. They will also like our film as they are DIYers and DIYers love some special effects in a film which ours has some good editing in it. The film will also keep them gripped and they will enjoy the rush of the chase.

Evaluation Question 2

Mary Mathilda

I will be comparing our Mary with “Mathilda” from “Leon the professional”. The reason I thought that it would be a good comparison, is that they are both about the same age and “Leon the professional” is also a independent thriller. However the mise-en-scene of the two are quite different. Mary has a proper school uniform with a smart scarf unlike “Mathilda” who wears quite casual, revealing clothing. Mathilda’s mise-en-scene is pretty gritty and mature for her age where as Mary’s clothing is what you would expect from a school girl. I think that we have stereotyped Mary a bit with her mise-en-scene, but if we didn’t the audience would not have picked up that she is a school girl in a school. However it is the totally apposite situation with “Mathilda” as she is the most non-stereotyped girl. She wears clothes that are very mature for her age, in the film she also wants to learn how to shoot and ends up killing people. On the other hand, in a way this is similar to Mary. This is because if we carried on making the full length film, Mary ends up being a secret agent and killing people, which is totally non-stereotyped as well. It is just at the start when she is at school that she is quite the stereotype. We did this so that the audience can get a great feel for the transformation that Mary goes through, from being the average school girl to a secret agent.

Evaluation Question 1

1. Genre and suggestion of it. Our genre is Independent thriller so the reason I choose this screen shot is because it shows some action. In this shot it shows our main character Mary running as fast as she can away from the people chasing her. This shows the thrilling aspect of our film because she is running from danger and the atmosphere is pretty tense at the moment. Most real life thrillers have quite a few chase sequences such as the “Bourne identity” when Jason Bourne is running away from the police.

2. The Setting. Our film is set in a school as this is where Mary gets taken from to go to the agency. This screen shot also shows the road that Mary walks/runs along. We have again gone with what real thrillers do which is give a good establishing shot of the environment that the action is going to take place in. This is what we have aimed to do at the start of our film.

3. Costumes. Mary is still in school so there for she has to be wearing school uniform. However most successful real thrillers don’t seem to have any proper school uniforms in their films, even though some of it might be based in a school. They seem it wear causal clothes but just have school bags such as “Jeepers Creepers 2”.

4. The title of the film. Our title of our film is in a slim straight font and in the colour red so that out stands out from the background. It is also partiality part of the set itself as it is angled the same way as the road is going. Real life films such as “Zombieland” have done this with their title and it gave it quite a modern feel which is what we are aiming for as well. The type of font that we are using is very similar to that of “Batman Begins” and “Parker”. The font gives the film an edgy feel as well as looking quite slick which is what we are trying to archive that is why we used it.

5. Camera work and Editing. This screen shot shows mixture of our editing and camera work. For this shot it is a panning/establishing shot from the top of a tree to the bottom. However while it is panning down the credits are panning up so this gives the effect that the credits are in the actual set. Most other real films give a couple of establishing shots while the start credits are on screen. However most of them don’t make it so that the credits are an actual part of the set they just layer them over the top such as “Django unchained”.

6. Story/Narrative. In this screen shot, it shows the part of our film when Mary gets the text saying “RUN!” to her. It is a big part of the story as this is the point when she realises that she is in real danger. There is barely any narrative in our film as it has a soundtrack playing over the top of it the whole time. The biggest narrative part is when Mary receives the text as this is establishing contact with someone else. This is unlike most other thriller films as they will normally have a voice over, or some sort of background noise to explain the narrative a bit.

7. Special FX. Our special FX in this screen shot aim is trying to emulate a person closing their eyes. There is a black background with an eye shaped opening, we had to blur the inside of the eye shaped opening to make is look realistic. We also managed to animate it to look like it is closing. Compared to real films I think that the eye closing scene is not too bad. However most real thrillers how lots of special FX to add in gun shots and explosions and the quality is normally very good. This is extremely hard to do well with the programmes available to the public as most companies would create their own software for the special FX

8. Font and Style. Our font in this screen shot is the same as our title is edgy and red. The red makes it stand out from the background and the font type makes it look quite modern and because most other thrillers have the same font as ours, the audience can associate it will a thriller movies. Compared with a real thriller film the font and style are quite similar.

9. Characters. In this screen shot it show our main character Mary. We rarely see her front as the camera is mostly behind her. We choose her as she looks like an average school student which can play the part well. Compared to most actress in real films that have school students in them, she is quite similar to most of them as she looks young but old enough to be in a upper school.